Crossroads of Darkover

Crossroads of Darkover, edited by Deborah J. Ross, was published on May 2, 2018.

It is available in trade paperback, iBook, Kindle, Kobo, and Nook formats.

Darkover's position on the galactic arm renders it strategically important, a crossroads in space. It's also a place where cultures meet and clash, where strangers encounter one another, and where lives are forever transformed. Whether the tale features a literal branching of the road, a fateful decision, a twist of fate, or a life-changing realization, the theme of "crossroads" echoes through these pages. Here assumptions are challenged, dangers braved, and hidden truths revealed. Add a touch of Darkover's special romance, a bit of humor here and there, and the result is a thrilling journey, no matter which road you follow.

Introduction Deborah J. Ross
Snowquake Robin Wayne Bailey
A Plague of Aunts Jane M.H. Bigelow
The Raptor Matrix Evey Brett
The Cobbler to His Last Rosemary & India Edghill
Quevrailleth's Sister Leslie Fish
The Short, Inglorious War Rebecca Fox
A Study of Sixes Gabrielle Harbowy
A Game of Kings Shariann Lewitt
Wind-Born Pat MacEwen
Crème de la Crème Deborah Millitello
Night of Masks Diana L. Paxson
Trust Jenna Rhodes
Tricky Things Robin Rowland & Deborah J. Ross
The Song of Star Girl Marella Sands

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