Sword & Sorceress 23

Sword & Sorceress 23, edited by Elisabeth Waters, was published by Norilana Books in November 2008.

The stories in it are listed below:

Pauline J. AlamaDaughters of Brightshield
Marian AllenUndivided
Patricia B. CironeIt's All in the Making
Leah CypessShalott's Inn
Linda L. DonahueWolf Maiden
Tom InisterPolish on, Polish off: A Dragon Tale
Mercedes Lakey
& Elisabeth Waters
Scam Artistry
Gerri LeenThe Vessel
Melissa MeadFairest Of Them All
Catherine MintzBlood Moon
Jonathan MoellerStolen Ghosts
Resa NelsonBlack Magic
Kristin NooneThe Frog's Princess
Michael H. PayneSquirrel Errant
Deborah J. RossRemembering
Dave SmedsA Morsel for the Plague Queen
Catherine SotoHope for the Dawn
Michael Spence
& Elisabeth Waters
Daughter of Heaven [Treasures series 5]
K.D. WentworthDeermouse

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