Sword & Sorceress 27

Sword & Sorceress 27, edited by Elisabeth Waters, published November 2012, is entirely suitable as as gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Twelfth Night, Winter Solstice, Yule, etc.

It is available in trade paperback, Kindle, and Nook.

The Rising Pauline J. Alama
Dead Princesses Steve Chapman
The Memory Box Patricia B. Cirone
Mahrut's Road Nathan Crowder
Straw-Spun Leah Cypess
Jack in Black Linda A. B. Davis
Netcasters Layla Lawlor
Forever Is A Long Time Melissa Mead
Ghost Pyres Jonathan Moeller
Airs Above the Ground Michael H. Payne
A Hunter of the Celadon Plains Deborah J. Ross
Grave Gold Jonathan Shipley
The Salt Mines Dave Smeds
Storm over Taktsang Catherine Soto
They That Watch [Treasures series 9] Elisabeth Waters
& Michael Spence
Strength, Wisdom, and Compassion Julia H. West

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